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ECR Mentoring Programme

The ECR subcommittee established and is responsible for the SFRR-E Mentoring Programme.

The Programme initiated in 2023. For one year, 10 pairs of mentor and mentees begun their fruitful relationship.

Senior members of the community dedicated their time to help ECRs navigate the best career progression avenues, provided them with networking and research opportunities, and discussed work-related issues in a secure and trusting environment.

Feedback from mentees:

Feedback from mentees:

Excellent initiative

“This programme was an excellent initiative. My mentor has given me very useful suggestions on the things that need to be considered after accepting a position as an independent researcher at a leading institution”.

Fantastic experience

“I signed up for the SFRRE mentoring program in March of this year and was matched with an established scientist and it has been a fantastic experience. Initially, I felt a bit apprehensive about sharing my challenges with a mentor I did not know, but from our first meeting, they were incredibly supportive and encouraging. I am truly grateful for his guidance. In our meetings, I have asked them about scientific, career and personal hurdles and they have always given great feedback without hesitation or judgment. It really feels like they are in my corner and rooting for my success, which is a great feeling. I would encourage any young

scientist in the redox field to try the mentoring program”.

I am trying to map out my career path from here

“Getting in touch with an established scientist through the SFRR-E mentoring programme has been a great resource for me. My mentor has been open to all of my many questions and their thoughtful answers have always been helpful and encouraging. Our conversations have really kept me motivated, especially as I am nearing the end of my PhD and trying to map out my career path from here”.

accelerated my academic and professional development

“Participating in the SFRR-E Mentoring Programme greatly enriched my early career as a researcher. The personalized guidance accelerated my academic and professional development, providing invaluable insights into research methodologies and career navigation. The mentorship fostered a

supportive community, enhancing both my technical skills and my sense of belonging in academia”

Feedback from mentors:

Anonymous Mentor #1

“I have met regularly (6-8 weeks) with my mentee, who emails me in advance of the meeting with an agenda. We talk for about 60 mins about different issues, and I think they have found the relationship useful. I felt we were quite wel matched and that we have been able to talk through different issues.

It will be nice to meet in person, and to have the opportunity to meet my next mentee in person at the SFRR-E conference if possible”

Anonymous Mentor #2

“I really liked the ECR initiative and exchange with the mentee!”

The programme will continue to run for the 2024. For it to work we really need the support of the community.

Please contact for more details on how to participate, either as a mentor or mentee.

We aim to establish an SFRR-E Mentoring Programme Alumni Network that will meet at the society’s annual meeting. It will be unique opportunity for mentees to meet mentors in person and exchange experiences and advice.


The Society for Free Radical Research - Europe (SFRR-E) is dedicated to promoting interest in all aspects of research related to Free Radicals in any scientific field.


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