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It is with great pride and respect that SFRR Europe announces our annual award honouring the life of Catherine Pasquier of INSERM, Paris, and President of SFRR Europe from 2001-2002. Catherine was an international leader in the field of free radical biology and a deserving representative of our Society. The award was initially endowed annually for 10 years and we are continuing with the tradition to invite an early career investigator to give the Catherine Pasquier Lecture at our annual meeting of SFRR Europe and to receive the award of a plaque.

The eligibility criteria have been selected to reflect what we know were Professor Catherine Pasquier’s priorities during her prolific career. The eligible person must be an Early Career Scientist.

  • Beyond formal training but not yet fully established
  • From any country in Europe and an active member of SFRR Europe
  • With career accomplishments and therefore also with future promise
  • With achievements in the broad area of free radical research. This may include work at the basic, clinical or epidemiological level

This award is, thus, not intended for well-established investigators or as recognition for a single project, but for overall accomplishments and future promise.

The required material are the candidate's full CV with an up-to-date publications list and a nominator's letter of recommendation. This letter is very important and should clearly lay out the importance of the candidate's accomplishments to date and be convincing in its prediction of future research promise.

An SFRR Europe Catherine Pasquier Scientific Committee, comprised of the the SFRR Europe Executive and chaired by the President-Elect, selects the Award Lecture based on the received nominations with the awardee fulfilling the eligibility criteria, in particular their research excellence and promise and without regard to nationality.

C. Pasquier

From 2001 – 2002 we had a president whom nobody who knew her can forget:

Catherine Pasquier

Professor Catherine Pasquier, PhD, started her work on reactive oxygen species in 1984 and never left this field. She belonged to the first recognizing that reactive oxygen species not only are toxic but also have physiological functions. However, it was not only good science that made her unforgettable.

Her friends in SFRR-E describe the uniqueness of Catherine as follows:

  • She was a cordial friend, an example for humanity.
  • She had a tremendous enthusiasm for science.
  • She could listen, reflect what she heard and come over with exciting ideas.
  • She had a great sense of humour.
  • She was elegant, a gracious lady, and her smiling is still present in our society.
  • In short: she was “La Pasquier”.

(see also: Kelvin Davies at al. (2003) In loving memory, FRBM 34, 1225-1229.)

To honour her merits SFRR-Europe decided to have a Catherine Pasquier lecture at its annual meetings for 10 years at least. This lecture is to be an award for younger scientists at the beginning of a professional career but have already demonstrated their excellence. Candidates for the award have to be proposed by senior members of the society. Proposals have to be evaluated by a committee and so far a very good choice was made:

Catherine Pasquier PDF

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